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Dr. Jodette Rose, MSW, CPC, LMT

Jodette is a Trauma Informed Life and Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Therapist & Guided Meditation Teacher.



Jodette’s background as a licensed social worker was in services for sexual assault, domestic violence, case management, and mental health research for U.S. Veterans.  Jodette earned her doctorate from Creighton University (Omaha, NE), master’s degree from Wayne State University, and professional life coach credential from North Central Michigan College.  Jodette’s area of interest centers on the impact that cultural belief systems have on client experiences with emotional and physical pain, as well as their perceived efficacy of available treatments.


Jodette provides a trauma informed, hybrid holistic approach for her clients.  This means that a combination of her modalities (services she provides) can be utilized to help clients process and heal from their trauma.  Jodette provides Reiki attunement, and teaches Guided Meditation classes.  Jodette also serves on the advisory board for DMR Move and Recover.

​​Services & Rates​ 
- $50.00/session

Life & Spiritual Coaching
Reiki Master Therapist & Reiki Attunement

Guided Meditation Teacher

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