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Kelsey is an Intuitive and Shamanic Healing Practitioner.



Kelsey has been practicing and studying Celtic Shamanism and tradition with her Mother, a Celtic Shaman.  She has experienced and learned ancestral healing from several sources, not limiting herself to the Celtic practice.

Kelsey has developed her own style of healing arts and her own unique methods that she uses in her practice. She has worked closely with her mother (Rev. Rosemary Lelieveld) to also hone in her intuitive abilities, which are passed on through tradition and family. Throughout her development she has embraced the arts and meanings of "Shamanism" and "Intuition".

Kelsey has spent the last seven years working in healthcare as a licensed healthcare professional with experience in several specialties.

Kelsey has a passion for helping others which includes helping them heal from emotional and physical trauma. She has a deep desire to assist individuals to look deep within themselves to understand the process of self-healing. Human and women empowerment are two things that drive Kelsey’s purpose along her spiritual journey.

​​Services & Rates​

Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions
30 minutes for $65
60 minutes for $85


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